Weekly Wrap-Up, March 26, 2010

This week really has to count as our Spring Break…in spite of the fact that I’ve seen more snow than sun.  We started off with a fabulous Leadership Education Forum with a family ball last Saturday night.  The children were all in various stages of rebellion when it came to getting dressed for the ball, but in the end they danced until the band hit the last note.

Cousins came to stay for the week and our curriculum was fun, fun, fun.  We got to work on building relationships with those we love and don’t get to see often enough.  Cousins from two different states came to stay and there were so many giggly, happy, rowdy moments.  I felt so  much joy knowing that these are memories they will keep forever.

My three favorite stories…

We have a long tradition of fairies visiting us on camping trips and in backyards.  My thirteen year old has always loved fairies and has built a nice fairy following of her siblings and cousins. This week, the fairies visited without any of us moms knowing about it.  Bittersweet.  We no longer have to remember the late night trips out to the fairy houses (yay?) but my thirteen year old passed through that magical part of childhood and now will only return as a fairy herself (mama tears).  It was a beautiful transition to witness.

The crew went to our local mini-zoo in a tiny snatch of sunshine one afternoon.  While we were checking out the coyotes a Peacock, for some strange reason, flew into the pen and lost nearly all of his beautiful tail feathers, though escaped with his life.  It was a ferocious moment and though I’m not sure how often Peacocks and coyotes meet up in the wild, it was WILD!  Those coyotes spent the next hour fighting over, or protecting from each other, the feathers.  I think we all felt like we saw something more authentic than what we normally witness at a zoo.

We did a bit of skiing this week with our pile of children.  They buddied up and helped each other adventure all over the slopes.  I got to see little cousins helping littler cousins who hit their limit and thought they couldn’t even walk another step.

I like to ski with the kids and help them face the tough moments when it seems too hard.  But I love to ski with them when they realize that facing that hard stuff pays off and now it’s fun and pretty easy.  So, this week we saw the benefit of sticking with things, even when they seem difficult.  I forsee many years to come of happy fun in the snow with cousins…and fairies too.

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4 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up, March 26, 2010

  1. Cousins ROCK in my personal opinion!

  2. Sounds like a great week. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. We have a mini zoo near us. It is expensive but I love it because it’s so close and we can see everything in one trip:)

  4. I love skiing with the kids. You explain it well. I remember having that sensation night skiing with Sam, that this is the life I wanted to live with my kids. It is great to begin to enjoy things together on equal footing, not always as a mentor/teacher.

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