Halloween Birthday

My Halloween baby just turned 14!  Look how big her feet are:).  And yes, she carved that all by herself…with some serious gutting help from her sister.  She still doesn’t like the feel of the innards of a pumpkin. Apparently when you turn 14 cake is no longer a birthday necessity.  This year it was apple pie.  You know it’s easier to bake a cake than a pie, right?  Turns out it is also easier to insert 14 candles into a cake than a pie…but I guess nothing about 14 is really gonna be easy. Thanks to a wonderful Auntie…we still had some creepy cakes.  They were a big hit with the under 14 crowd!  Gluten free and healthy and very very tasty (aside from the eyeball). You know your baby is really growing up when the gifts don’t resemble toys AT ALL…Well, big people toys I guess.  This was a major hit!  Thanks to some groovy cousins. Besides birthdays we have a lot of other fun going on.  My Love of Learners are studying knights.  They are making their own weapons and armor.  Battles are a daily event.  Thanks to whomever invented foam coverings for PVC pipes.  My Scholar is into Shakespeare, French, Latin, Life of Fred math, Geography, Piano….and lots of great books.  My little one year old has discovered in a very short period of time how to stealthily sneak candy from the Halloween take.  Boy do they learn fast!  Tomorrow we implement our greatest Halloween tradition ever.  You want to know what it is?  Bwaahahaahaa!


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2 responses to “Halloween Birthday

  1. I would love to hear about your new tradition! I love hearing all things EDMO. And seeing your fabulous pictures.

    Give your kids a squeeze/high-five for me. Hope they are all doing well!

    What aunt do you have nearby (baking spooky cupcakes)? I’d go for the pie, personally. That’s what Syd requested, too. Lemon meringue.

    Love you guys!

    • Auntie Lara baked the cupcakes! She and Paul are close.

      I’m going to have to read the kids some Poe after reading your post. What an idea!

      We miss you! Tell Sam he can come stay with me anytime and I’ll let him have free reign of the kitchen.

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