Playing with matches

Yeah, I know that it is a terrible thing for children to play with matches. But if you let your kids watch The Scarlet Pimpernel too many times…and you don’t light your house with candles…you have to have some sort of flame to seal your secret messages with wax.  Hence playing with matches.

I love homeschooled kids.

Mine got a little restless this evening when the sun dropped behind the snow dusted mountains and it was too cold to continue their battle outside.  They came in and took off their armor (all made with duct tape) and began writing a series of notes that just had to be sealed with wax.  Turns out it was a great activity for some to work on their spelling and others their hand writing.  Everyone made a royal mess of my kitchen counter, but no permanent damage done.

Except to my favorite candle…which they kept lit for convenience.  It has a hodge-podge of sealing wax drippings in it now.  Poor thing.  Guess that one won’t be moving with us.

Oh yeah, it’s packing time again.  How do I know?  Because I’m expecting a baby soon and that is always the most wonderful time to uproot.

Especially right before the holidays.

Especially when it’s beginning to snow.😉


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2 responses to “Playing with matches

  1. Well at least it keeps things interesting right? I mean, they don’t call you the “go-go girl” for nothing.

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