LOVE…A true knight

LOVE LOVE LOVE stories of courage and valor.

LOVE LOVE LOVE boys and girls who play with swords.

LOVE LOVE LOVE duct tape.

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Story of Roland, based on The Song of Roland, a centuries old French tale of chivalry in the time of Charlemagne.

My Love of Learners have been reading this along with other wonderful tales of heroes for their Knights of Freedom class.  This month we focused on the Code of HonorThe Story of Roland has a wonderful True Knights Code of Honor and after reading it, our group came up with their own:

As Heroes we pledge to be forgiving,

to have honor,

to act with valor,

to always be honest,

to be kind, peaceful and bold.

We will share our faith in Jesus Christ.

We won’t turn back from a challenge.

We will stand constantly vigilant and never turn our backs on our foes.

Our class reads a classic about a hero, has a spiritual focus for the meeting, and makes something out of duct tape to go along with the scripture.  It’s SO much fun!  Our theme scripture for the class is Ephesians 6:13-17.  And you can see by their armor that they are taking this seriously:).

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  1. Love Love Love my kids and yes they take it seriously. I have the (past) injuries to prove they take sword fights seriously!:)

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